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Bespoke Fashion on Fataka Fashions

Bespoke Fashion | Custom-made Formal & Casual Designerwear

Bespoke fashion or custom-made formal and casual designerwear is for those of our demanding fashion lovers who wish to put a stamp of uniqueness and originality on their outfits. The made to measure fit and style adds a touch of class and elegance.

When you are not in a hurry to get something for that special business or social event and are happy to wait, bespoke fashion design can help you get the unique look and style at a much lower price as compared to top fashion brands.

Bespoke fashion gives you the flexibility to chose material of your choice, allows you to select the design and style to suit your body shape and style and helps you create something that is comfortable and yet high fashion.

Many of our clients do not wish to buy readymade mass produced designer goods and we agree. True luxury cannot be bought off the shelf and fataka.com wishes to help these fashion lovers find right fashion designers for their bespoke wardrobe.

fataka.com's mission is to be the bridge between Fashion Designers and Fashion Lovers.

There are many fashion designers and independent labels on FatakaFashions.com who are happy to take up bespoke design assignments. We are sure this service will allow you to get something unique created only for you - like a wedding gown or suit for a special occasion - which no one else will have.

The designers who accept bespoke assignments, make this clear in their product / shop listings about this. Our marketplace and outlet is designed with emphasis on bespoke fashion and we want this to be a worthwhile experience.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us so that we can improve our services.