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Fashion Forums for the Fashion Industry | Fataka.com

Fashion Forums for the Fashion Industry

Fataka Fashion Synergies is proud to sponsor fashion forum for the fashion industry at https://fashionforum.hfora.com

Fashion Forum will be an important platform to debate and discuss the important issues of the fashion industry. Our focus is to empower the fashion businesses to fulfil their global growth potential.

We wish to engage all the different players in the fashion sector to help find the best solutions. We want to a bridge between the fashion designer, angel investors in fashion industry, venture funds specialising in fashion industry, institutional investors and supply chain entities to build sustainable fashion communities.

The Fashion Forum will also help fashion businesses with high potential for growth to showcase their ideas and products and generate global networking opportunities.

Fashion technology i.e. FashTech companies will be able to help find the right partners to grow in the international markets.

As a Fashion Industry professional and business, we invite you to visit the Fashion Forums at https://fashionforum.hfora.com and join the discussions and debates, however please do not use the platform to promote your business. If you wish to promote your fashion business, please use B2B Fashion Marketplace on fataka.com or B2C Fashion Marketplace on FatakaFashions.com

Please click here to visit the Fashion Forum.