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Mission | Setup Online Marketplace for Fashion Designers to Help Them Succeed Globally | Fataka.com

OUR MISSION: Provide Everything A Fashion Business Needs To Succeed Globally.

Fataka Fashion Synergies Limited's mission is to provide everything a Fashion Designer or an independent Fashion Brand would need to grow their business globally. This may seem an ambitious mission, but it is not a 'Mission Impossible!' We have a very passionate team helping us build an umbrella of services for fashion industry, so everything is available online in one place.

To achieve this mission Fataka.com has launched an online B2B Fashion Platform, where the manufacturers and wholesalers can sell designer clothes, designer shoes, luxury handbags, designer fashion accessories and beauty products in bulk. Fataka.com will remain a business to business marketplace for designer clothing for men, women and kids, street fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable and traditional fast fashion items. If you are a retailer or a wholesaler for anything falling under designer fashion, Fataka.com is for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in marketing your fashion brands directly to consumers online, we have launched FatakaFashions.com as an online fashion marketplace and outlet where fashion designers, brands and labels can sell their latest designer collections directly to their individual customers. FatakaFashions.com is an online B2C i.e. business to consumer platform where fashionistas can buy latest Spring & Summer or Autumn and Winter collections from the designers and labels directly. Launch of Wings4Fashion mobile app for iOS and Android will greatly help the close connect between fashion sellers and fashion buyers.

Fataka Fashion Synergies Ltd. also offers platform for fashion mentoring and business support facilities from successful business partners. We want our designers to focus on what they do best i.e. creating exciting luxury and bespoke fashion.

Fatakafashions.com's mission is to help fashion designers succeed globally by setting up an online marketplace and by offering mentoring and business support services. Our mission is to create the natural synergies between the creativity of fashion designers and our business support to create designer products.

We feel fashion designers' creativity supported with our online marketplace, fashion mentoring and fulfilment services will create a unique shopping experience for our fashion lover clients.

We want happy customers to experience bespoke luxury created by successful fashion designers. Fataka Fashion Synergies wishes to be a bridge between fashion designers and fashion consumers.

Fataka Fashions wishes to target the entire spectrum of fashion consumers with the help of entire range of designer products from top end bespoke luxury brands to fast fashions and all other products in between.